Click on your website builder to view embedding instructions:


When in your Site Editor, “Add Element” and select the “Widget / HTML” element underneath “More Elements.” Paste our Vidvision code directly into the text box that appears afterwards.

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Add to homepage with theme:

Under the “Themes” Page, click on “Edit HTML/CSS” located within the “Actions” drop-down. On this page, expand the “Sections” folder located within the sidebar and click on “Add a Section”.

Name the section “Vidvision” and save it. Once the section has been created, delete the default content in the section file and paste in the code provided below:

With this code added, navigate back to the “Themes” Page and click on the “Customize theme” button.

Select “Add Section” and navigate to the “Vidvision” section. In the section’s input, paste your Vidvision powered video embed code.

Add to content pages:

Under “Online Store” in the left sidebar, click on “Pages” and select the page you wish to add our form to. Navigate to the “Content” section underneath “Page Details” and click on the “show html” button on the top right corner. Paste our Vidvision code directly into the text box and then hit “Save”.

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Click on the edit icon on the section you want to paste the video, click on the embed button, click on the icon, and paste the code.

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For Pro Users: Add a "App Store & HTML" section to your website, select the HTML app from the list of apps in the App Store, and paste the Vidvision code in the pop-up. If you're adding HTML to a custom section, click on the HTML button and paste your code there.

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Paste the Vidvision code in an embed component. Place the embed component directly inside a container and not inside a "div" inside a container. Please note the script code won't be displayed after you paste it, but will run when you publish your site.

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"In your Site Editor, select the “Embed Code” block underneath the “Build” tab. Drag the block onto the page and click on the block to reveal the “Edit Custom HTML” button. Click on that button and then paste our Vidvision code directly into the text box that appears.

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Click on the "add" button located on the left side of the Wix editor and, under the "more" section, select the "HTML Code" widget. In the "HTML Settings" pop-up, type "<body> </body>" and paste the Vidvision code directly in-between the two "body" tags.

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