How to Integrate your Vidvision Powered Video with AWeber

Step 1

Sign in to Vidvision and navigate to your "Integrations" page. From here, select "Setup Integration" on the Aweber Integration box. This will redirect you to AWeber's authentication system which looks like this:

Step 2

In order to allow Vidvision to integrate with AWeber you must give us access to some of your AWeber account's information such as Lists, Messages, and Subscribers. You can do this by entering your AWeber account credentials and selecting "Allow Access". This will automatically redirect you back to Vidvision's website.

Step 3

Once you have allowed access, you are now ready to select how you would like to integrate Vidvision with AWeber. Using the first dropdown, select the video that you would like to connect to AWeber. In the next dropdown, choose which AWeber list you would like to have this video's subscribers sent to.

*Pro Tip: Add "tags" to your integration in order to better filter your subscribers within AWeber. This is also a great way to understand exactly which video your new subscribers are coming from.

Step 4

Once you have made all of your selections, click "Save Integration". Vidvision will redirect you back to the "Integrations" page and notify you of whether or not your integration was successful. That's it, you're done!